Street art is all too often about the brash, stand out, look at me pieces that have become common place in recent years. But street artist Slinkachu is one of the few people bucking that trend, in fact the only aspect of him that is comparable to recent street art is his elusive nature and attempts to stay out of the spotlight. 

Slinkachu’s work is sensitive, observant, poignant and more often that not wickedly witty. His tiny people, that he collects from toy train sets, have been popping up on the streets of London since 2006, whether they be skating in a half pipe made from a discarded orange peel or drowning in an abandoned chicken tikka take-away box.

His new book, Global Model Village: The International Street Art of Slinkachu is a celebration of some of his most innovative installations – our favourite is ‘Industrial Revolutions’ which sees tiny people living in a windmill made from an upturned paper Starbucks cup. Genius!

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Going Out: Hill & Szrok

Published on 13 April 2014

This week it’s all about meat as we head to Hill & Szrok – a new addition to Broadway Market, taking its cues from the past.