Following his striking beauty books with makeup artists Alex Box and Ayami Nishimura, Rankin presents the third in the series – Caroline Saulnier.

As two of the most respected practitioners of their professions, photographer Rankin and makeup artist Caroline Saulnier have come together to create a beauty book of stunning artistry. The special collaboration showcases the talent and strong aesthetic styles of both artists in a series of sensual, visually compelling images.

In the last 25 years, Caroline Saulnier has developed from technical excellence to conceptual visionary. She has worked successfully across editorial features and high end commercial campaigns. Saulnier’s style is classical and avant-garde in equal measure; she experiments with unusual texture and bold pigment to create amazing works of art.

In this new book, Saulnier’s astonishing work is captured by Rankin. The pair have a long-standing working relationship and Rankin’s individual style is instantly recognisable in the images. The result of their connection is a book that is an example of photography and makeup artistry at its finest.

‘Caroline was an obvious choice to collaborate with on the third book in my beauty book series. We first met when we worked together on a Rimmel shoot four years ago. I quickly realised that she was one of the most highly skilled makeup artists I have ever worked with. Technically, her precision is mind-blowing. What I couldn’t know from working with her on a commercial job is that she is a creative visionary – her work is conceptually fascinating. There is a lot of sensuality in her images, as well as a real raw edge to them. Working with Caroline is inspiring,’ says Rankin.

The book will be available worldwide in Autumn 2012 for £40. An exhibition showcasing the images will also be shown at Rankin’s Annroy Galleries in London and Los Angeles.




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