ELIZA DOOLITTLE, 02 August 2013

Eliza’s August Playlist


Thank you to Hunger TV for having me guest blog this week! My last post is my August playlist.

I make playlists constantly.  When it comes to music, I’m one of those control freaks that love to play the part of “DJ” in the car, in the house, in the dressing room.  If you were to break me down and figure me out I’m sure I’d be made up of many ingredients but the first thing you’d see about me is that I’m simply a music lover. In fact it’s the love of my life. Always has been, always will be.


ELIZA DOOLITTLE, 01 August 2013

The Old Man and the Sea

I love to read and don’t read enough these days. Been trying to get my book game back! I am obsessed with being taken out of my own life and into someone else’s – to another land, world, universe!

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is my latest obsession. I have just finished it and I’ve fallen in love. The old man, Santiago, has a mind I’ve never been in before. Some of the things he says and his way of thinking is so beautiful to me.

“I am glad we do not have to try and kill the stars.  Imagine if each day a man must try to kill the moon, he thought.  The moon runs away.  But imagine if a man each day should have to try and kill the sun?  We were born lucky, he thought.”


Wookie Ft. Me!

Me and the legendary Wookie got together a few months ago and wrote this song. Wookie has been a name I’ve known since I was about 12 years old.  His song ‘Battle’ was and still is my favourite UK garage tune ever. And that is a hard title to win, there are so many great songs from that time. So when I got wind that he wanted to try something with me, I jumped at the chance!  This song says it all in the lyrics. Well, I can be a sucker sometimes ! Love is love !

Never believe the Hype maaaaaaaaaaaan.


Glen Gould

I’ve been playing the piano again recently and I recorded a version of the song I did with Disclosure, ‘You & Me’, on the piano and posted it up on Youtube.  A couple of people at different times told me my bad posture and technique :) reminded them of Glenn Gould.

I looked him up and found he was a classical pianist that broke the rules. I love that. I love it when people break boundaries and try new things. It’s the only way we’ll ever grow. This was said about him on Wikipedia and I love it!

“Gould was widely known for his unusual habits. He usually hummed while he played the piano, and his recording engineers had mixed results in how successfully they could exclude his voice from recordings. Gould claimed that his singing was unconscious and increased proportionately with the inability of the piano in question to realise the music as he intended.”

Plus…I gotta say…it doesn’t hurt that he seemed to be a very sexy man. Some of these pictures of him, made my knees go weak!


Big When I Was Little

My first hunger blog entry has to be my video for my new song ‘Big When I Was Little’.  It came out on Sunday so it’s at the forefront of my mind right now.

This song is about all the things that were, no doubt, Big When I was Little.  Whenever I have a hard time with anything, I always find myself reaching out for those days.  So good.

Watch it here