ELLI INGRAM, 28 August 2013

In the Dog House

So we’re here, The Dog House – one of my favourite places in the world! It’s a residential studio on the River Thames just outside of London, and its beyond beautiful! I couldn’t of dreamed of a better environment to create music in. And of course, I’m out here with my two boys Felix & Rudi, who I was lucky enough to meet at the start of my musical journey. These two have produced the majority of my music, were the first producers I ever worked with and were behind my debut EP, Sober.

I met them just over two years ago and we’ve been collaborating ever since. It’s so nice to be back in the studio with them, it’s been way too long!

People are always asking me “what are you working on now, what’s next” but honestly I don’t know exactly, I’m just glad to be back in the studio.. Could be towards another EP or even my first album, who knows.

It was such a relief to get my EP out because the three of us had been working on it so hard and I just wanted people to hear it! It was scary thinking about what people would think of it and with the lyrics being so personal, the thought freaked me out. The EP lets people know a lot about me – from how I feel after one too many drinks, to wanting to run away with a baddy! It was the most I’d ever really shared.

At the time I was writing my EP I was listing to a bunch of different stuff, from Dwele, to Kendrick, to Phony PPL all which inspired me hugely. I’m currently loving Chance the Rapper and his current Mixtape ‘Acid Rap’ – highly recommend! I’ve also been rinsing Party Next Door and Drake’s new tune ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’, LOVE it. I can currently hear Aston and Fe cooking up some sweet soulful riddim so I’ma run back to that but ill be here the same time tomorrow.

Much love

Elli xxx