HOLLY FRASER, 13 February 2013

Dimitri Galitzine: God Save The Village Green

Got a couple of spare hours this weekend? Check out artist Dimitri Galitzine’s first solo exhibition, God Save The Village Green, at the Cob Gallery in Camden.

“God Save the Village Green reveals an overlooked England outside our cities, taking the hand of the amateur, the hobbyist, and the enthusiast to draw back the veil on rural Britain. Galitzine seeks to find out how ‘Little England’ sustains itself in the widening world and where exactly its ‘middle’ might be found.

Perhaps on the Village Green itself: lifting its title from the Kinks’ album, the exhibition documents the continuing struggle between the hearth and the horizon, expanding Ray Davies’s metaphor into a conceptual space from which to observe and celebrate the nuances of rural life.”

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