KATIE, 16 November 2012

Watched: Pink Flamingos at the BFI

As part of the BFI’s Uncut season the wonderfully filthiest film , Pink Flamingos was shown last night. A uncut version of the 1972 transgressive black comedy written, produced, composed, shot, edited, and directed by John Waters. It has been said that to avoid conviction under the Obscene Publication Act, the video for Pink Flamingos was distributed in the UK by asking customers to send a blank VHS to the distributor, onto which the film would be recorded and sent back. A small synopsis of the film below. Take it as a warning, but really its a must see classic.

“Divine, also known as Babs Johnson, is a 300 lb drag queen of grotesque proportions who holds the title ‘the filthiest person in the world’. Vying for the title are Connie and Raymond Marble, who kidnap girls, impregnate them, and sell the children to lesbian couples in order to finance ‘an inner city heroin ring’ catering to high school students.”

The Uncut season of daring cult and classic movies runs at BFI Southbank throughout November 2012.