LEOMIE ANDERSON, 30 September 2013

Walking For Giorgio Armani

One of the highlights of my Milan Fashion Week experience (except the amazing food my friend introduced me to) was walking for Giorgio Armani.

The casting process itself was rather intimidating; we had to line up and take turns walking in front of the great designer himself and if he liked you, you joined the line up again, if not you were asked to leave. Luckily I was asked to stay and confirmed the show which I was so excited about!

During rehearsal he would make jokes about how he wanted us to walk with my favourite being “walk with life. Don’t walk like your cat just died”- amazing. The show itself was amazing, the clothes oozed femininity and some of us had to walk as a pair in matching sets which was a nice touch too as I got to walk with my friend Hereith. It was definitely a show I’ll never forget and I will always have his words resonating in my head “walk with life”. I’m in Paris now so hopefully I shall have more amazing show stories to tell!