SYRON, 09 April 2013

All About The Music

There a lot of different people and styles that influence me musically to be honest. So I’m going to give you a brief idea of what I’ve been listening to through different stages of my life and detail how they’ve all impacted on how I make and want my own music to sound now.

When I was really young, before I could go out and buy music myself, my dad always played me what he was listening to. Two songs that my dad would always play that have stuck with me until now are Alison Moyet’s  ‘Only You – which was the first song I ever sang in a competition at the age of six – and Stevie Wonder’s ‘Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer’.

When I was old enough to start buying music one of the first ever singles (on CD off course) that I bought back in 2002 was Tweet’s ‘Oops Oh My’, which is still a sick song! Around about this time I also went to my first concert which was Misteeq. I still love them!

I started going clubbing when I was about 15, there were always loads of garage nights so that’s what I started getting into and I always got exited whenever ‘I’ll Bring You Flowers’ was played!

Making my own music now, I always listen to, and reference, people and songs I’ve been shown from before my time. But I still think it’s important to listen to contemporary and chart music to find out what’s going on now. I listen to a lot of house music and future garage. Some of the people who I’ve been working with are great for this like TCTS, Great Skies, Cinematic, as well as people like Kidnap Kid, Woz and Chubba. And I can’t ignore the girls either – the likes of Jessie Ware and Aluna of AlunaGeorge keep getting better and better.