Holly Willoughby has joined The Hunger in an east London studio for a photo shoot that sees her dressed in leather, stockings and Christian Louboutin shoes.

The darling of daytime TV can interview prime ministers and host talent shows – but she still can’t keep a straight face once she gets the giggles…

The announcement of Fern Britton’s replacement on the hallowed This Morning sofa was met with mixed reactions. “Too young”, “too glam” and “too sugary” were just some of the negative comments thrown at the then 28-year-old Holly Willoughby. Others believed the television presenter and sometime model would brighten up the daytime show – among them, Willoughby’s co-presenter, Philip Schofield. When the deal was signed, she immediately jumped in to a car and joined him at the This Morning studios, where they shared a couple of celebratory bottles of bubbly.

They’ve been celebrating to this day. Since joining the show in 2008, This Morning has won seven television awards – including Most Popular Daytime Show at The National Television Awards. These accolades go alongside her annual appearance in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women poll, which she was first featured in back in 2005.

This evening, Willoughby has joined The Hunger in an east London studio for a photo shoot that sees her dressed in leather, stockings and Christian Louboutin shoes. Her husband has just texted and asked to see some pictures. “He’ll have to wait,” she laughs.

The Hunger: Can you tell us about the tequila you have brought with you today in a hip flask?

Holly Willoughby: The tequila, this makes me sound like a semi-alcoholic – this is an evening shoot, by the way – is 100 per cent Agave tequila. And you can drink it and it’s lovely and you don’t get hung over. I’ve tried and tested this method many times and I can tell you, you don’t. But obviously drink carefully.


We are interviewing Phillip Schofield for the next issue. Are there any questions you would like us to ask him?

Well, I’m interviewing Phil for this magazine so I’m not going to say because, if I give all my questions up front, he’ll see this and think of good answers. The brilliant thing is, I know him inside out and back to front. So, actually, he might be a little bit scared about it.


How long did it take you and Phil to start getting on so well?

Phil and I have worked together for a long time; we did seven years of Dancing on Ice together. And then I’m about to start my third year of This Morning, would you believe. So like all friendships, you meet each other and it takes a while for you to get really comfortable. We both like to have a laugh. And he’s a giggler, so that really helps.


Do you go on holiday together every year?

We don’t go on holiday together, but the last few years when I’ve been on holiday, he’s also just happened to be there. So if that happens, it’s brilliant because we meet up and spend a couple of evenings together, all the families together, which is lovely.


Read more of this interview in Issue 3, out on the 11th of October 2012, subscribe here.


Photograph by Mehdi Lacoste


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