[4]3 paintings…my creations to celebrate feminine sensuality,” said Roberto Cavalli ahead of his spring/summer 2013 show in Milan yesterday – the last day of the Italian capital’s fashion week.

The show, which the designer based on poetic decorations of the Art Nouveau period, started with a handful of entirely white looks: trouser suits, dresses and jackets, punctuated with lace detail; then lime and apricot versions were introduced – dresses were cut with a high slit and trousers were so transparent the leg showed through – well this is Milan.

Next were the prints that decorated dresses and silk trouser suits that resembled pajamas – also quite a big trend on the front row, this season. The animal and plant designs were created entirely by hand, something that is becoming less common in favor of advanced computer generated methods.

Jewels dangled from the model’s wrists, ears and necks – the floral detailing symbolising Art Nouveau-style decorations; and the limited edition Hedera sunglasses were solid gold.

While Roberto spoke to press before the show began guests were kept amused watching Liz Hurley and Leona Lewis being photographed on the front row – who also looked pretty amused themselves by the chaotic attention.

After the model finale, Mr Cavalli walked out with design partner and daughter Eva for a bow.




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