["F]rom the moment my father gave me my first camera at the age of nine, I was fascinated by what the camera saw that I did not,” recalls Argentinian photographer Diego Uchitel. And for much of his career his medium of choice was the polaroid, collecting hundreds of visual references in scrapbooks, much like artist sketchbooks. 

Polaroids, his latest book featuring over 240 never before seen images, is an homage to his preferred medium and a time when photography was not ruled by technology and digital manipulation. Chronicling more than 25 years, the book features shots of the likes of Diane von Furstenberg, David Bowie, Penelope Cruz and River Phoenix.

“Spontaneous by nature and distinct in palette, the Polaroid medium has arguably had the single largest influence on my career and to be able to capture that impassioned relationship in this book has been a lifelong dream.”





Women Fashion Power

Published on 29 October 2014

Today the Design Museum opens a new exhibition focusing on the power of women’s clothing choices.