With his boyish good looks and blonde curtains, Devon Sawa was the epitome of an unthreatening teen heartthrob. Let’s face it, he’s the type of baby-faced guy that sparked interesting ‘feelings’ within us before we really understood what they meant.

We first became acquainted with him in Casper (yes that film about the friendly ghost). We all thought we were watching a kids movie until the scene where Casper gets to turn back into his human boy self for a few hours to dance with Christina Ricci. It was a serious ‘whoa’ moment and stood out for many pre-teens as a milestone in their sexual development.

Sawa generally continued to play the good-natured love interest in films like Little Giants and Now and Then. He prevailed throughout the 90s, even later as the lead in the first Final Destination.

These days he can be found on the CW show, Nikita. Though we’re glad he hasn’t faded into oblivion, it’s his 90s years that will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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Fiona Banner Chinook (28 revolutions per minute) 2014  Helicopter blades rotor hubs motor gearboxes steel  Yorkshire Sculpture Park  Photo Jon (2)

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