Signed to Kitsune and Skrillex’s label Owsla, Heartsrevolution are Lo and Ben, the NYC duo intent on bringing their own strain of electro-pop to the masses while touring in a Swarovski crystal covered ice cream truck. Yes really. 

Their debut EP will be released later this spring and up until this point they’ve been working on mixes with the likes of hip hop legend Just Blaze. Listen to the global premiere of their latest mix ‘Revolution Rising’ here.


David Bowie | Title: 1984 picture disc | Label: Rhino | Format: 7” vinyl | Available: 4000 copies


Happy Record Store Day!

Published on 19 April 2014

We list the top ten releases and reissues hitting stores today for this annual April event.


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The Interview: Chloe Howl

Published on 18 April 2014

“There’s a difference between women who are dressing sexily for themselves and to empower other women and those who are obviously doing it for attention – it’s very thin line!”