[DC]Y[/DC]ou last saw him in a shiny spacesuit discovering an alien Miley Cyrus in Future’s ‘Real and True’ music video (the hook is still stuck in our head), but now Mr Hudson releases his latest solo single, ‘Move’.

Directed by Rankin with Creative Director Vicky Lawton, who also took the helm on ‘Fred Astaire’ earlier this year, Mr Hudson professes that “Englishmen can’t dance” but he’s got a few other ideas to get you moving…

 ‘Move’ is released today, buy it here





Tom Prior: The Altar

Published on 28 August 2014

The Arctic Monkeys got him on stage at Reading last weekend, and now everyone wants a piece of Tom Prior.

Glass Animals New


Glass Animals Sunset Mixtape

Published on 27 August 2014

Ahead of their performance slot At Dimensions Festival in Croatia this weekend, Glass animals craft an exclusive sunset-themed mixtape.