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Maxton Beesley: Band Call

Published on 09 October 2015

Ahead of its premiere at the London Film Festival we chat with the writer-actor behind Band Call, Maxton Beesley.


Spotlight: Carol Morley

Published on 08 October 2015

“We need a real and long-term commitment to put female-led stories on at cinemas, and not just once in a while, but often enough to win audiences around and make it the norm.”


The Interview: Anne-Marie Duff

Published on 07 October 2015

“I’ll always be interested in playing people who have fire in their bellies. It’s passion — believing in something.”


The Act of Seeing

Published on 05 October 2015

Nicolas Winding Refn showcases his collection of rare and outrageous film art in a new book.


Justin Kurzel on Macbeth

Published on 01 October 2015

The director of the latest adaptation of the Scottish play talks verse, genre and Fassbender.


This Week’s Short: Fish Love

Published on 28 September 2015

Mat and Ali are a contented couple until one day a stunning escort Anika turns up on their doorstep to expose the hidden fault lines in their relationship.



Shock: Nicolas Winding Refn

Published on 28 September 2015

The Danish director talks art as an act of violence and picks his most shocking cinematic moments.