WHAT: Philipp Plein

WHEN: Sunday 24th February 9.30pm

WHERE: Philipp Plein show space, Milan

WHO: Philipp Plein

FIRST LOOK: Black fluffy jacket with a gold, black and white jumper and long black skirt. Accessorised with a heavy gold necklace and gold head dress.

HAIR: Neat scraped back barnets.

LIPSTICK, POWDER & PAINT: Nude lips, matt finish airbrushed skin and strong deep coloured brows.

FINALE LOOK: A white silk full length dress with long slim sleeves paired with a cashmere knitted cardigan piped all around with crystal white mink. Topped off with crystal encrusted heels.

MUSIC: Grace Jones to start, with all tracks over-laid with sounds of angry crows!

WE LOVE: Grace Jones in Philipp Plein of course!

WOULD YOU: Dare to catch a very stacked looking Grace Jones if she fell off her 8-inch heels….?

OVERHEARD: The crowd moaning because the show was 45 minutes late…and then swiftly shutting up and taking it back when Grace Jones appeared with mic in hand parading down the 360 degree catwalk.














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