Illustrator Jack Hudson has teamed up with 3D image-making duo Lord Whitney, who we featured in Issue 4 of Hunger, to produce a body of work inspired by the most vibrant, iconic, and downright weird record covers in history. Jack and Lord Whitney have created an entire back catalogue of LP cover designs for a series of fictitious musical artists.

This exhibition will launch you into a sonic time warp where only the best bits from an era rich in music and visuals are permitted. Doves will cry. Hair will spontaneously perm. This feast for the senses will be equally delicious to eyes and ears, with established musical artists penning original songs inspired by these outré artworks.

Due to the success of the exhibition Jack Hudson and Lord Whitney are now looking to bring the entire show to London and are commissioning another 10 talented musicians to produce songs for Volume 2. Watch this space.

Mock ‘n’ Roll runs at Leeds Gallery until 7th May

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Art & Culture

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Art & Culture

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