We were slightly shocked when the words ‘photograph your bush’ popped up in our inbox today. Unlike our free and easy European counterparts, we Brits have always been known for being somewhat prudish. Whether that still rings true in reality (the streets of Shoreditch on a Saturday night make us think otherwise…) the idea of baring our lady bits publicly may seem a bit much. But it’s enough to make anyone intrigued…

Project Bush is a call to action for all women from creative agency, Mother London. They are working with feminist groups to challenge modern conceptions and address issues that the contemporary female faces. The idea is to challenge stereotypes and explore ways in which these can be broken down and the first topic up for debate is waxing.

When it comes to being bare ‘down there’, Mother London argue that many women no longer see it as a choice. Waxing they believe, has become so mainstream that it is time to tackle this misconception, hence Project Bush. For some reason, whether it’s the rise of internet porn or society’s general obsession with preening, it seems that the vast majority of us believe that going bare is best. But ask any medical professional and they’ll tell you that your netherhair is there for a reason.

Project Bush aims to present London’s lady gardens in “all their glory” by photographing and publicly displaying photos of these private areas – all anonymously of course. They want to make it clear that they’re not pro or anti-bush – they’re pro choice of course.

Whether you’re preened or polished or just don’t give a damn, Mother London want your bush. And to prove this they have enlisted the help of photographer Alisa Conan who will be shooting throughout October 3rd. All you need to do is email to book your 15 minute slot in the “bush booth”. If your nether regions happen to be a bit camera shy you needn’t worry – you can still get involved by attending the exhibition.

For more information visit the website or email bush@motherlondon.com 

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Published on 23 November 2014

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