In the second part of the series, a very successful business introduce us to the sartorial side of shepherds. Take heed of the classic shepherd’s ‘saying’ and you can’t go far wrong, you really can’t. And find out why shepherds don’t see their flock as a bunch of “animals”.

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Art & Culture

The Interview: Gavin Turk

Published on 20 August 2014

“Inspiration often comes from a long gestation period of part constructed thoughts that somehow need to find a kind of wholeness.”



Top Ten Fashion Pop Up Shops

Published on 19 August 2014

From washed up shipping containers full of clothes to retro American diners, we count down fashion’s best pop up shops ever.

Jun Takahashi of Undercover, Master of Subversion


The Masters at Selfridges

Published on 18 August 2014

Twelve of fashion’s most iconic designers come together for the department store’s new creative project.



The Fearless #2

Published on 18 August 2014

Here’s your second glimpse at what to expect from The Fearless.