What sets Hunza G apart from other swimwear brands?

The concept of the one size. I suppose as well, how comfortable it is. I find it very hard to wear any other swimmer now because I am so used to how comfortable and easy it is to wear. It suits such a variation of body shape, colouring etc. There should be a piece for everyone in the Hunza G collections.

Are there any swimwear trends you’ve noticed for this summer season?

Simple and sporty shapes- the straight cross swim. So like our share necked swimming costume seems to be vey popular- and not too much detailing. Everything seems to have reverted to simple and sporty shapes. There aren’t many halter neck shapes for example: everything looks more like a sports bra.

Looking back to 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s – who are your ‘beach-side poster girls’?

Marilyn Monroe was incredible. All the Bond girls are pretty amazing and I love how much they represent the time and style of when the film is made. They are almost a characature of themselves- which I think is brilliant- they styling is so good in the Bond films. I also love all the supermodels – that athletic body is wonderful, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford.

What’s up next for the brand this year?

We have some exciting collaborations coming out next year with a sportswear company which I am really looking forward to launching!

Watch this space…

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