[DC]S[/DC]exy music videos are nothing new, they’ve been tantalising our senses for decades, but only really came to prominence with that little station called MTV back in the 80s. But the view of what sexy actually is is always going to be rather subjective. Whether it’s legions of screaming girls fainting at the site of a Harry Styles hair flick in the latest One Direction video or scantily clad girls booty popping their way through a hip hop video (see Busta Rhymes ‘Twerk It’) sexy is everywhere.

So with that in mind, this list is open to negotiation (and if you’re a said 1D fan, this ain’t for you) so from willing the camera to pan just that little bit lower in D’Angelo’s ‘Untitled’ to Kate Moss sashaying down a pole for Jack White, here’s our countdown of the hottest music videos ever. Warning: You might need to read this while in the vicinity of a cold shower…




The Interview: M.O

Published on 30 August 2014

We’ve championed them from the beginning and now M.O are about to go stratospheric.