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The Interview: Rebecca Hall

Published on 15 April 2014 1 Comment

“There’s a tendency to assume that women aren’t allowed to be at the forefront of films that aren’t rom-coms or period dramas, and it’s crazy.” Rebecca Hall gets real.

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Features / Film

The Interview: Tom Hollander

Published on 10 April 2014

“…the biggest challenge is to keep your sense of humour in what, every now and then, feels like a bit of crap shoot.” We chat to the star of Rev.



Get To Know: Dakota Blue Richards

Published on 08 April 2014

“If we had more female writers and directors I believe there would be more balance, and female actors would be given much better roles.”



The Interview: Matthew Bristowe

Published on 03 April 2014

We chat to Senior Vice President of Production of Prime Focus World about stereoscopic 3D conversion and his role on Gravity.



This Week’s Short: At First Sight

Published on 01 April 2014

This Week’s Short charts the turbulent relationship that brings a passionate couple to crossroads as they are forced to question their future together.

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Hackett: Tom Riley

Published on 28 March 2014

Tom Riley tells us why we all need a bit of escapism, and why his surname can get him into hot water…