This Week’s Short: Dressers

Published on 23 November 2015

Banned from every football ground in the UK for nearly 20 years Dressers follows Deacon, one of the Soul Crew’s key members.


Music / Film

Die Alphatier Trilogie

Published on 10 November 2015

Sex and violence converge as Berlin’s pre- and post-unification generations clash in Matt Lambert’s triptych.


This Week’s Short: Roxanne

Published on 19 October 2015

A cold and isolated transgender sex worker takes in a young girl who has been abandoned by her mother, and her life is thrown into question.


This Week’s Short: Fish Love

Published on 28 September 2015

Mat and Ali are a contented couple until one day a stunning escort Anika turns up on their doorstep to expose the hidden fault lines in their relationship.


This Week’s Short: Sahar

Published on 24 August 2015

Nadim recounts the night his sister came home at four in the morning and disappeared shortly after.