Deafkid Exclusive Mix by The Hunger on Mixcloud


Consisting of musician/producer duo Christopher Lockington and Florian Sauvaire, Deafkid are an experimental electronica pop act and the creative geniuses behind today’s exclusive mix. It’s Friday, you’ve got no excuse not to turn it up loud and have a rave.


Mr Flash – “Domino Part A”: Flo is a big fan of Ed Banger’s label. Mr Flash is a bit more in the shadow but produces amazing tunes. We love this track for its 80s touch mixed with a massive drum sound which is obviously the Ed Banger signature. This slow intro with the voice coming in made it the perfect opener.

Brother Hand Mirror – “Oops Oh My”: This duo are from Melbourne. We played with them during a small Australian tour with Ghostpoet and they’re awesome live. They are working with old audio tapes. We really like the grainy texture it gives to this track and it’s an awesome cover!

Eskmo – “Become Matter Soon, For You”: We got to see Eskmo live whilst we were in Poland. One of the highlights of a summer of festivals. Made sweeter bumping into an old college friend of Chris’s who was sound engineering for him. We love his glitchy percussion and progression away from the more typical dubstep style.

Yoggyone – “Julia”: The drums sounds on this track are really good, and as we mentioned we’re really into glitchy sounds.  We discovered him last week through a friend from Paris. His album is called Canopée. There’s a little word play going on between the artist name and album title.   

yrLyf – “Time Wharp”: This one reminds us of early James Blake productions. The affected vocals is something we like to work with in our productions and here we really enjoyed how this producer played with the pitch shifting.

Steve Reich – ‘Music for 18 Musicians Section X’: Chris is a huge fan of the composer, his work has been a huge influence in terms of getting a lot of mileage out of a few melodic ideas. The complex rhythms and well orchestrated sections are something to be in awe of.

Deafkid – ‘Talk ‘(Vect Remix): We wanted to give a taste of our music in this mixtape. This is remix of our track ‘Talk’ by Vect aka Emile who’s working with us on the visuals for Deafkid. It’s a very clever remix and he’s also an amazing producer and just dropped his first LP called ‘Altitudes’ so check him out!

BBNG – ‘Fall in love’: We discovered these guys through Odd Future like the a lot  of people, and they just groove. We got to see them live at the Mostly Jazz festival in Birmingham this summer. They’re really talented musicians.

Dimlite – ‘On the Same Picture’ (feat. Elan Tamara): Elan is a friend of ours and we got to meet Dimlite last year at one of the festivals we played at in Poland. He’s a really nice guy and this is one of our favourite moments from him.

Puscifer – ‘Horizons’: Puscifer visionary Maynard Jame Keenan has to our ears be one of the finest male rock voices. We love the collaborative aspect of the project bringing in ideas from other artists. Lyrical integrity is really important to us, and Maynard definitely delivers, whilst still maintaining acessibilty.  

Aphex Twin – ‘Windowlicker’: This track is just a classic! We’re both influenced by his production and use of visuals.




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