Our interest in the enigmatic How To Dress Well was first piqued back in 2010 with the release of debut album ‘Love Remains’, but it wasn’t until single ‘& It Was U’ started popping up on music blogs and Soundcloud pages the web over back in September that we really sat up and took notice. After a lot of curiosity and little research we found out that How To Dress Well was in fact the stage name of Colorado native Tom Krell, whose music career started to take off in 2009 following a move from Brooklyn to Berlin.

His second album, ‘Total Loss’, hit airwaves late 2012 and has made How to Dress Well synonymous with broken R&B beats, pitch perfect falsetto and a subtle, laid back sound.

“I made Total Loss over the course of a long year, 15 months or so. These songs were written in Brooklyn, Chicago, Nashville, and London, between September of 2010 & January 2012”, explains Tom. “I spent a lot of this long year very unhappy and confused. I always want to live gracefully and wistfully and with love and possibility: I found myself feeling stranded, left alone and depraved, and generally run the fuck down. Mourning people who have passed and – even more horrifying – mourning people still alive, still in my life. While writing these songs I was trying to learn to lose in a meaningful way and to sustain loss as a source of creative energy. I have learned that optimism and mournfulness are not opposed moods or modes of life: for me, for whatever reason, this was a hard lesson to learn. I feel like I’ve learned so much and continue to learn so much and this makes me very, very happy.”

Wanting to know more, we asked How To Dress Well to make a Hunger TV mixtape featuring some of the music that has influenced his sound, from Whitney Houston to R Kelly.




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