Holly Fraser
Creative Director
Vicky Lawton

Features Director
Lily Silverton
Online Editor
Elliot Watson

Online Fashion & Beauty Editor
Emma Firth

Online Features Assistant
Kitty Robson

Social Media Manager
Fiona Mahon

Managing Editor
Zoe Roberts

Design & Art Direction

Peter Stitson, Georgia Taunton

Womenswear Fashion Director
Kim Howells
Senior Fashion Editor & Online Fashion Editor
Anna Hughes-Chamberlain
Menswear Editor
Stevie Westgarth
Beauty Editor-at-Large
Andrew Gallimore

All Photography by Rankin, unless otherwise stated

To submit any work for consideration please email, please send submissions and unpublished work only

Zoe Roberts, Jordan Rossi, Bridget Vuillermin

Photographic Assistants 
Jack Chamberlain, Micaela McLucas, Max Cornwall, Derrick Kakembo, Ben Duah, Ludovica Girotto, Juan Covelli, Conor Clarke

Production Design Assistants
Rosalind Gahamire, Marco Turcich

Digital Technician
Neil Bennett

Trainee Digital Technician
Alex Gale

Post Production Director
Rick Carter
Digital Artists
Gabriel Lloret, Luke Freeman, Nicola van Rensburg, Sarah Tucker, Mike Johnston

Print and Reprographic Manager
Steve Savigear

Hunger TV
Camera Operators/Editors
Remi Laudat, Musa Clarke, Nick Ward, Gareth Phillips, Jasper Cable-Alexander

Creative Assistants
Julia Salotti

Circulation Manager
Stuart White
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Global Distribution
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Victoria Hunter
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Hunger Publishing Ltd

Head of Advertising & Special Projects
Soraya Lamari

PR & Marketing
Beverley Luckings
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