10 Questions with Duckwrth

Hailing from South Central LA, Duckwrth has proven himself to be much more than a genre artist. Blending hip-hop with funk, soul with rap, his sound and aesthetic is carefully conceptual and extraordinarily unique. Releasing his debut album I’m Uugly back in 2016, Duckwrth established himself as one to keep your eye on, and has proved this ever since. Dropping an XTRA UUGLY Mixtape last November, he’s not showing any likelihood of slowing down just yet, with his unstoppable creativity and blooming talent, Duckwrth seems to exemplify just what Generation Z needs. We caught up with the force to be reckoned with to see where his head’s at, and what he’s dreaming up next…

Describe your music in 3 words

Energy, texture and ruckus.

Who’s your greatest influence?

Back when I was really, really young it was Kirk Franklin. And then when I first started learning about hip-hop it was Nas and later on as I matured it went to André 3000 and then Hendrix, Freddie Mercury, Prince, so it’s been a slew of different people that I’ve been heavily influenced by.

What does music mean to you?

It’s a universal language, so it doesn’t matter if you speak the language, people understand it. Whatever ethnicity you may be, people understand music. You can speak that language across the whole world.

Who’s the last person you called?

My brother Anthony Dragons.

What did you talk about?

I was locked out of the house so I called him to open the door.

One item of clothing you couldn’t live without?

My ankle-high dockers.

One album you couldn’t live without?

Fly or Die – N.E.R.D.

What’s your favourite way to spend £10?

Ice-cream, candy and a souvenir for my mom.

How about £100?

A lot of souvenirs for my mom! Nah I’m just kidding haha. A £100? I’d probably go shop. I’d probably go to a vintage store and just get a bunch of tight shit. And ice-cream!

What’s next for you?

I’m working on a project right now called The Falling Man. It’s gonna be really sick! It’s a harder sound and way more energy. And then touring America in October/November and then the European tour November/December.

Follow Duckwrth on Instagram here, and on Soundcloud here.

19 September 2018