10 Questions with new gen star Lola Young

The South London singer-songwriter is making a name for herself with diaristic lyrics and raw vocals.

At just 18 Lola Young has a long road ahead; but we’re sure she’ll go far. Writing openly about mental health struggles, the singer-songwriter has her own, uniquely raw take on music. With an openness we hope she doesn’t lose as she gets older, singles like ‘6 Feet Under’ and ‘Blind Love’ cover everything from breakups to mortality.

The promising young star sits down with HUNGER to answer ten quick-fire questions on musical beginnings, mental health and what the Internet has done for emerging musicians like herself.


Can you tell us how you first got into music?

I was born into a musical home; my mum is musical, our house has always been full of music. We all play and sing. Music is home.


Who are your musical influences?

There are so many! Joni Mitchell, Prince, Frank Ocean and Anderson .Paak are all huge for me.


How would you describe your music?

Storytelling, thought-provoking and my own personal guide to get through life.


Why is it so important for young people to create a dialogue about mental health?

It’s important to get past the social stigma and taboo. Being open about it is the best way to keep the demons at bay.


What do you think are the biggest issues pressing young people today?

Consumerism has got out of hand; it feels like it’s harder than ever for young people to feel like what they have, both physically or mentally, is enough. I would also say that the education system is damaged and this leaves the youth feeling lost most of the time.

What’s one thing you would change and why?

If putting out my music makes one tiny difference to how someone might see the world then that would be enough for me.


How do you think the internet has influenced the music industry?

Music is more accessible than ever and it’s never been easier for people to put out music. On the flip side, it’s never been harder to cut through the noise. I also miss the physical element of holding a CD or vinyl.


What do you think is the future of music?

Nobody knows; that’s what’s both exciting and scary.


What have you got planned in the next few months?

Putting out as many songs as I can.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Writing, recording and playing live. It’s all I’ve ever wanted!


You can follow Lola on Instagram. Check out her latest single, ‘6 Feet Under’, below.

28 November 2019