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10 Reasons to Read HUNGER’s the Future Issue

Now, more than ever, it's time to look ahead. Our latest edition profiles actors, activists, musicians and politicians pushing the culture forward.

When we started planning our Future Issue, we never could have guessed that we would be sending it out in the midst of a pandemic. As the COVID-19 crisis throws the inequalities of our society into sharp relief, it’s obvious we don’t want things to return to “normal” – we want to fast-forward to a brighter future for all.

In our Future Issue we profiled the actors, activists, musicians and politicians who’re going to help us get there. Here are some highlights – and you can download your free digital copy here.

1. Margaret Qualley

Over in LA, Margaret Qualley shares her journey as Hollywood’s newest golden girl. She tell us about becoming aware of climate change as a sixth grader (she cared about the environment before it was cool), her charity work teaching dance at a juvenile detention centre and acting post-MeToo.

2. Christopher Wylie

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower and Mindf*ck author Christopher Wylie talks candidly on what it’s like to be a whistleblower out in the wild – from clubbing and dating, to why the fashion industry isn’t prepared for its future

3. Raye

Despite breaking into the mainstream with a string of top ten hits, there’s a lot more to Raye than just being a future face of pop. Finally getting the recognition she deserves, both in front of the mic and in the writing room, she bares it all on navigating life, heartbreak and “dark dark times” in London.

4. Future Fashion

In collaboration with our guest fashion editor Neesha Tulsi Champaneria, this issue’s fashion and beauty editorials have been styled using “no new clothing”. Expect to see vintage, DIY hacking, second-hand clothing and a new wave of designers who are creating clothes from leftover set waste, ethically made latex and even an Ikea bag corset. This commitment is a direct response to the climate emergency and our changing relationship to fashion, as well as a celebration of DIY style and our Editor in Chief Rankin’s early memories of charity shop hunting.

5. Juliana Huxtable Art Section Guest Edit

Who better to enlist as our guest art editor than Juliana Huxtable? With a vision for the future that entails a “radical paradigm shift” she selected a group of artists whose uncompromising outlook mirrors her own. Her guest edit includes revealing interviews from post-Internet star Sondra Perry, Iranian-Canadian composer Sadaf Nava and pin-up artist Olivia de Berardinis.

6. The Unfluencers

As much as 96% percent of UK shoppers don’t trust what influencers have to say. With that in mind, we present you with our own, much more reliable alternative: the Unfluencers. Including the UK’s youngest MP Nadia Whittome, Steal As Much As You Can author Nathalie Olah and Free Periods activist Amika George, these are the voices you need to hear now.

7. Trevor Paglen interview

An intimate conversation on the future between MacArthur Genius Grant-winning artist Trevor Paglenand journalist Charlie Robin Jones which delves into mass data surveillance and AI: phenomena that define our existence without us fully realising it yet.

8. Arlo Parks

West London singer Arlo Parks is on her way to becoming an icon of the “super sad generation”. With raw lyrics around mental health, sexuality and drug use, she observes her peers’ realities beyond the facade of social media perfectionism. We catch up with her to hear about the responsibilities that come with being a Gen Z role model.

9. Charity Shop Sue

After stints at some of the biggest fashion houses in Paris, Charity Shop Sue has relocated to a Nottinghamshire market town, where she’s using the locals’ donations to Sec*Hand Chances to change the way we consume fashion. We spend the day with her in Bulwell to hear about her unique take on sustainable fashion and attempt to verify her claims that “I could literally make a baby blanket into a beautiful couture jacket.”

10. Speaker’s Corner

 In our op-ed section, journalist Tahmina Begum writes on the hows and whys of when Muslim women get to talk about sex and author J.J. Bola discusses sexual fluidity in the Kingdom of Kongo and the ongoing process of decolonising gender. We also hear from the founder of sex-tech magazine PC Erotic about incels and the ethics of digisexuality and speak to curator and fashion writer Anastasiia Fedorava about hacker culture in fashion.


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17 April 2020