It’s our Listen Up issue, so gather round and lend us your ears — here’s what you’ve got to look forward to." />

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10 Things to Know about HUNGER’s Listen Up Issue

It’s our Listen Up issue, so gather round and lend us your ears — here’s what you’ve got to look forward to.

Tired of scrolling through vacuous statements online? Wish something, anything, could cut through the clamour of conflicting opinions? We hear you, loud and clear. That’s why we’re telling you to Listen Up!

Our new issue selects the most vital voices of today across music, film, art and fashion. We’re not asking you to agree with what’s printed on every page, but we’re inviting you to take the time to stop, think and digest what’s being said because you never know what it could inspire.

Want to learn more? Check out 10 reasons why you shouldn’t sleep on the new issue of HUNGER.

1. River Gallo


Screenwriter-director and intersex rights advocate River Gallo shares their story of going from childhood secrecy, to personal exploration, to outspoken pride. Whilst other individuals in their community are still subject to social and medical discrimination, River’s debut film Ponyboi will help platform their experience and raise awareness. In a celebratory beauty editorial lensed by Rankin, Gallo’s confidence and winning personality take centre stage.

2. Akala


Jesse Bernard speaks to MC, poet and activist Akala about how not all exposure is good exposure and the responsibility that comes with having a platform.

3. Celeste


Soul singer Celeste crafts diaristic lyrics that could cut you in half with their emotional precision. Spike Lee and Edward Enninful are already amongst her fans, and we’re sure that soon you’ll also be falling for this fresh face…

4. Stephen Graham


Stephen Graham has been defining a golden age of British television with roles in The Virtues and This is England and is set to stretch his acting chops once more in forthcoming Scorsese flick The Irishman. He speaks to Natasha Stallard about imposter syndrome and young actors missing out on opportunities in an age of austerity.

5. Jess Barden


The End of the F***ing World’s Jess Barden discusses finding the humour in anxiety and celebrates the move towards more authentic representations of adolescence on screen. The real question we know you want answered is, how did she crack the 1 million followers mark on IG?

6. Ashnikko


TikTok ingénue and unabashed feminist Ashnikko puts her opinions on everything — from Trump to fuckbois — on full blast. Ever wondered what flavour those “dick taste like Yankee candle” memes were referring to? Then get reading…

7. Identity in Chaos


Amidst the Hong Kong protests, journalist Karen Cheung reports on the city’s music scene and explores the process of identity-creation via culture. Karen’s poignant meditations on what it means to be a Hongkonger is one of the highlights of our Documentary section.

8. Queer Letters


We spotlight London-based photographer Heather Glazzard’s ongoing Queer Letters project which sees them pair intimate film portraits of the queer community with their handwritten letters to their younger selves. Glazzard discusses what “queer” means to them and why representation is only half the battle.

9. Talk Art Guest Edit


Actor Russell Tovey and curator Robert Diament of Talk Art podcast ponder gentrification and regeneration in Margate as the seaside town hosts the Turner Prize. We also hear from Yuri Suzuki, Haroon Mirza, Ima-Abasi Okon and Zoe Bedeaux about how sound features in their practice.

10. Speaker’s Corner


This issue our Speaker’s Corner is brimming with vital perspectives that could spark a change of consciousness. From the founders of Black Girl Fest discussing the ways that festivals can change culture to Saffiyah Khan explaining how the individual can create change, we’ve rounded up the voices you need to hear now.

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19 November 2019