The Best Beauty Moments of 2021

While we were largely confined to sweats and loungewear this year, beauty didn't necessarily take a backseat. From looking presentable during Zoom calls to experimenting with strange shades of eyeshadow out of sheer boredom — beauty gave us easy access to our creativity during a year mired by the Covid-19 pandemic. Here, HUNGER looks back at the best of beauty in 2021. 

Adele’s Vogue cover 

Adele’s highly-anticipated return to the spotlight was coupled with a Vogue cover — and her candid interview wasn’t the only talking point. Since the magazine landed in October, searches regarding the 33-year-old’s eye makeup saw a 450 per cent rise on Google.

Harking back to 60’s starlets like Catherine Deneuve and Brigette Bardot, makeup Pat McGrath crafted a perfect cat eye on the singer, which she coupled with a smoky cut crease, and tawny lips.

Meredith Duxbury x TikTok 

You can’t speak about this year in beauty without mentioning the impact of TikTok. Meredith Duxbury has dominated the platform with her unique way of applying foundation — to surprisingly flawless ends. The MUA, who boasts over 10 million followers, went viral for putting, well, boatloads of foundation onto her face. You likely haven’t seen full beat like this before — nor that amount of nose scrunching.

Alicia Keys at the Met Gala 

Rhinestones made a few appearances at this year’s Met Gala —see, Grimes’ bedazzled eyebrows. But we were most taken by Keys, who had tiny diamonds delicately placed throughout her sleek, centre-parted ponytail. She completed the look with natural, dewy skin and a red lip, letting her accessories do the talking.

Katie Jane Hughes x Instagram 

If glam isn’t your thing, then Katie Jane Hughes is the antidote. The renowned makeup artist — what has worked with the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Ashley Graham — has brought dewy, natural skin back to Instagram. Fans flock to her daily tutorials for expert tips, as well as her more experimental looks — which include editorial eyeshadow and eyeliner placement.

Though she’s been a formidable presence online for years now, her attitude to beauty remain so fresh and modern that we can’t not include her in our beauty list for 2021.

Yara Shahidi at the Met Gala 

Old Hollywood was everywhere at the Met Gala this year — after all, the theme was ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion’ — but no-one did it better than Yara Shahidi. The actor channelled Josephine Baker with defined eyes, fluffy brows, rosy cheeks and lips, and looked positively lit from within.

Evan Mock’s pink buzz cut 

Although Evan Mock had his pink buzz cut before he shot to ‘Gossip Girl’ fame, the 24-year-old skateboarder has continued to make waves with his hairstyle — even when it’s growing out. In fact, his crop even caught the attention of style chameleon Frank Ocean. That’s when you really know you’re onto a winner.

Banner image credits: Instagram @yarashahidi / Instagram @britishvogue / Instagram @evanmock

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