5 January 2024

2024 is already the year of the himbo

Jeremy Allen White's campaign for Calvin Klein has set the record straight: in 2024, himbos aren't going anywhere. 

Ten years down the line, everyone will remember where they were when Jeremy Allen White’s campaign for Calvin Klein dropped. Alongside the photos of The Bear actor in his pants were deep-dives into just how White got those abs and hordes upon hordes of tweets from a rather excited legion of fans. For HUNGER, seeing White in not much more than some tighty whities solidified one thing more than anything else: everyone still wants himbos.

What is a himbo? According to the Oxford dictionary, it’s a “good-looking but unintelligent young man”. While who you could consider to be a himbo is kind of up to you, some others include Brendan Fraser’s character in George of the Jungle, Gossip Girl‘s Nate Archibald, and Friends‘ Joey.

As you can tell, White isn’t a himbo in the truest sense of the word. The characters he’s famed for – The Bears‘ Carmen and Shameless‘ Lip – aren’t exactly dumb. This leads us to believe that 2024 might be about a new iteration of himbo. While 2023 was apparently the year of the “sports himbo” largely thanks to Taylor Swift’s beau Travis Kelce, this year it’s about widening the parameters a little. It’s about the more complex himbo: the kind that smokes rollies with Rosalia and wears outfits that have led him to be dubbed “the working man’s Timothee Chalamet“.

Other signs we might be onto something? The press tour for The Iron Claw. The film starring White, Zac Efron and Triangle of Sadness‘ Harris Dickinson, which is based on the tragic real life story of the Von Erich brothers, has gone ham on himbo for promotional purposes. As well as slow motion videos of the topless cast, they’ve obviously done the Buzzfeed puppy interview. We’re honestly quite excited for the droves of people to actually go and watch The Iron Claw and realise why it’s been called the “saddest film of the year”. Happy himbo-ing, though!

  • Writer Amber Rawlings
  • Banner Image Credit Mert Alas / Calvin Klein

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