22 January 2023

5 Minutes with Caity Baser: The rising pop star embodying Gen Z’s rage with unapologetic honesty

HUNGER sits down with the singer-songwriter following the release of her latest single, '2020s.'

Don’t fuck with Caity Baser… or else find yourself on the receiving end of Gen Z’s rage. After uploading her first track ‘Average Student’ to TikTok, the 20-year-old did not expect to wake up to millions of views and eager fans asking for more. It started a chain of events, which led to her quitting her part-time job at the supermarket, as she swapped her Co-Op uniform for the life of a bonafide superstar. She started uploading brash, ex-bashing songs to social media, which saw her hailed as the voice of a generation and resulted in fans screaming her lyrics during sets at Reading and Leeds Festival. Baser is only continuing to bottle up the collective energy of her fanbase, so get ready to see more, as the no-nonsense artist is ready to shout what’s on everyone’s minds.

Talking to HUNGER, Baser discusses her no-holds-barred approach to songwriting, performing at Reading and Leeds, and more.

How would you describe your sound in five words? 

Fun, chatty, addictive, honest, British. 

What kind of music were you inspired by whilst growing up?

Honestly everything from Etta James , Billie Holiday, the Carpenters, Fleetwood Mac, Iron Maiden, and Rizzle Kicks… I could go on, I just loved everything! 

What’s been on rotation on your playlists recently?

My favourite album ever is SZA Ctrl but now it’s her new album SOS. I love her so much. 

How would you describe your creative process at the moment?

It’s kind of always been the same. I write about things that have happened in my life no matter how brutal they were. All my songs are about things that have happened so I just rely on myself and my experience when writing. 

How would you say your music has evolved over the last few years?

I feel as though I’ve gotten way more comfortable with being myself and talking honestly about how I feel, which is thanks to all the amazing people that listen to my music and gas me up. 

Is there any artist whose trajectory you’d like to follow? 

I find it hard to answer this one because I never really looked up to or wanted to be anyone in the music scene even though I can appreciate how sick they are. I want to make my own way doing something cool you know? The end goal is to be the biggest superstar in the whole entire world though.

What’s the most surreal moment of your career so far? 

Reading and Leeds for sure. I’ve had so much cool stuff happen to me but Reading was an absolute ‘pinch me’ moment. To be in a city where I’m not from at a place full of amazing artists and all those people were there to see ME! It was amazing. 

Are there any other sounds or genres that you want to experiment with in the future?

I really love everything and I am willing to give anything a go so yes, for sure. I’d love to do something crazy and drop a sick tech house tune. How cool would that be? 

What advice would you give to your younger self who’s just starting to make music?

KEEP GOING! Even though it’s going to be tough and people are going to doubt you, just always be kind and keep doing what you love and it’ll all work out. 

What would you say is your end goal within music?

My end goal is to reach the whole world with my music and help people heal like I’ve healed myself with my silly little songs. I want to empower everyone to be themselves and let people know that there’s no harm in speaking your mind. 

Is there anything you have coming up that we should be aware of?

There is a big announcement coming soon and that’s all I’ll say. Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

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