19 January 2023

5 minutes with flowerovlove: The 17-year-old blossoming singer championing youth and individuality

HUNGER catches up with flowerovlove following the release of her latest EP, 'A Mosh Pit in the Clouds.'

At the tender age of 17, it’s clear that flowerovlove is set for stardom. Despite being in the infancy of her career, the singer has already been named BBC Radio 1’s Future Artist Of The Month, one of VEVO’s Artists To Watch for 2023, supported Role Model on his tour, and even modelled in Gucci campaigns. With tracks like ‘Hannah Montana’, ‘Malibu’, and ‘I Love This Song’ garnering huge traction online, the singer’s DIY-style tunes and music videos have struck a chord with Gen Z. Since writing her first song at the age of 13, flowerovlove’s sound has quickly propelled her to new heights, offering up wistful lyrics, bright vocals, and an injection of pop punk.

The South London singer has just released her new EP Mosh Pit in the Clouds, which showcases a sense of maturity that exceeds her years, and puts harmonious melodies at the forefront. With ethereal soundscapes and vocals as smooth as butter, flowerovlove has proved she has the potential for big things in 2023 – and we can’t wait to see it all unfold. Here, HUNGER sits down with the rising star to discuss navigating the industry at a young age and what she hopes her fans take away from her music.

How would you describe your music? 

Nostalgic. And like A Mosh Pit in the Clouds. It’s the best way to describe it. But like the softest mosh pit ever.

When did you first start making music? 

I made my first song when I was 13, which was four years ago. But I never released it, it just stayed. I released my first song in 2020 and then took a year gap and I thought I wanted to be a model.

What artists and sounds inspire you right now? 

I wouldn’t say I get inspired by other artists because I listen to lots of different types of music. My most listened to on Spotify Wrapped was Tame Impala. I actually like folk music a lot and I came to that realisation yesterday night. It makes me feel warm. There’s this guy called Gregory Alan [Isakov] I listen to.

Why is fashion important to you as a musician?

You’re not going to buy food if it doesn’t look appetising.

How would you describe your style?

I’d say comfortable, but also I’d say right now it’s a little bit preppy. I’d say my style is quite casual, but still quite smart.

Where did your name, flowerovlove, come from? 

At first, I was using it as an Instagram username, and then later on it meant more to me than just a username. The flowers represent how we grow from a seed, like an egg, like a flower. We continue blossoming always, but also flowers get picked, and at the middle of the year, they grow back — it’s the same with humans. If you get picked, you grow back. 

Do you ever feel intimidated being in the music industry at such a young age? 

I see it as an advantage. I would still be in school now, so I’m still learning technically. There is more of this feeling of curiosity and also a lot of realisations. It’s a positive thing, isn’t it? There are a lot of weird people in the music industry, I would say. But you come across weird people in every industry, even if you work in the supermarket

Where do you find inspiration? 

I’m going to be completely honest, I usually lie and say things like, ‘I meant this and that’, but I’ve got to the point in my life where I can’t come up with a poetic answer. I’m a subconscious writer; I just write stuff.

What do you feel most passionate about? 

I’d like to see people caring about their health a lot more. It’s a massive thing for me. You can’t have good mental health without physical health. It’s basically the same thing in my opinion, but I’m not saying hit the gym and wake up at 6:00 AM every day, you know?

What do you want fans to know about you right now?

That I hope my music provides a safe space for them to be themselves. 

What do you want people to hear in your work? 

So I have a song called ‘Hannah Montana’, and one of the lyrics is ‘We don’t care about the rain though / Smile on my face ’cause I say so / And it’s all love, that’s the case closed’. I feel like that’s an affirmation — it’s about choosing to feel good. 

Can you tell us what is next for flowerovlove?

Just good music, always good vibes.

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