5 standout moments from Gucci AW19

Alessandro Michele offered his usual eccentric mix of high fashion, street wear and a sartorial ode to Greek mythology. Here's five unmissable moments from Gucci's AW19 catwalk.

Golden ears

Gucci’s latest ‘it’ accessory invention are stick-on ears; golden ears that clip over your entire ear. The piece was featured through out most of the looks in the collection and was inspired by “Fashion Fiction #1’, a 24-carat sculptural gold ear by the artist Eduardo Costa. The everyday wearability of this accessory is questionable but Michele sure knows how to make a statement piece of jewellery.

Sculptural face masks

Anonymity seemed to feature amongst the looks, as a lot of the models were fashioning kinky, lurid colored masks. Some of them even leaned towards the fetishistic side, with dramatic spikes on leather masks and chokers – however these striking accessories are unfortunately not for sale as Michele said, “I don’t want to sell everything. Somethings are there to make us dream”. Even the invitation for the show was a paper-mâché mask depicting Hermaphroditus. According to Greek Mythology, Hermaphroditus was the god of hermaphrodites and of effeminates and is regarded as a symbol of androgyny.

Tailored boiler suits

Michelle’s revamp of the classic Workman’s boiler suit was a hit with bloggers and influencers alike. The simplicity of the cinched waist and cuffed trousers are a genius re-invention of the archetypal piece. Boiler-suits are very on trend at the moment, and Michele’s two-tone versions with exaggerated shoulder pads will definitely have many appearances this Autumn/Winter.

Scene stealing

The set for any Gucci show would be nothing less than extraordinary, and the fashion house certainly delivered for their latest collection. With more than 100,000 lights and mirrored ceilings, the circular space was the perfect compliment to the frequent gold accents in the looks. The sound effects created the perfect juxtaposition as the sound of the jungle played throughout the space as bright flashes of light filled the room. As the models began to walk, ‘Gabriel’s Message’ started to play, as an ode to 19th century religious carols.

All that glitters!

As an ode to the disco days, Michele features quite a few pieces with glitter threading onto a rainbow palette. With some contemporary draping, these androgynous silhouettes can be rocked from men and women alike on the dance floor. There are even a pair of gold lurex tailored trousers that will for sure will be the item of the season.

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