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Five things to know about Cottweiler AW19

For their latest season Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty took us on a visceral journey...

Facing the current climate head on, Cottweiler challenged the masculine dress codes and expectations so often forced upon fashion’s followers, and instead brought a fresh eye to the season. Inspired by the duo’s childhoods in Essex (Dainty) and Bristol (Cottrell), they decided to invert the gendered expectations they were surrounded by, and instead blend their diverse influences to find a new style. Whether it be the newly-coined ‘sneafers’ or the playful tailoring – think militant meets gentle, oversized meets figure-hugging – the collection is a breath of fresh air. So get to know the five lessons to learn after Cottweiler AW19…

green is the new black

Moss green to be specific: think splattered on trousers and printed on silk, anything and everything green is good to go.

outwear is always in

Featuring a bold capsule collection of 10 raincoats, Cottweiler AW19 shows that sometimes it really is what’s on the outside that counts. Conceptual designs combined with the heritage and technical expertise of ALLEGRI, Italian outerwear specialists, the brand brings it’s modern innovation to the timeless warmth.

sneakers +  loafers = sneafers

dewy is always best

A universally acknowledged trend, on all genders and skin colours, is dewy is never wrong. Get that fresh faced look with the help of some glossy lids and extra highlighter, and make sure you’re hair is shiny to match.

find the right balance

Cottweiler’s AW19 plays with the tensions of the world: between natural and tech, function and frivolity. Blending sportswear with fetishistic forms, the label knows how to create new and relevant designs for the individual and the masses.

Click through the gallery below to check out Lily West’s behind the scenes photography and follow Cottweiler on Instagram here.

8 January 2019