A story of modern love with seven couples

Photographer Kim Jobson and stylist Misty Dee Griffiths team up to invite you into the heart of contemporary domestic bliss.

Inspired by the intimate atmosphere of a Diane Arbus image depicting a couple side by side, stylist Misty Dee Griffiths and photographer Kim Jobson have teamed up to create a visual tale of modern love. Capturing couples in their own home, the creatives and their team invite the viewer into the heart of contemporary domestic bliss. Scroll down to warm your heart. 

Emma and Sam

Emma & Sam have been together 65 years, in the future they want to buy a horse together and name it Grace Kelly.

Shaq and Chanel

Chanel & Shaquille have been together 2 years. Not only are they partners but they are best friends who work together, create together and experience life together.

Katie and Will

Will & Katie met at age 13/14 while eating pizza. They have been inseparable ever since. And still eat pizza.

Kevin and Stephen

When Kevin first met Stephen the first thing he said in one continuous sentence was “Are you a family man? Do you want kids? Marriage? I don’t like to waste my time.” He’s not sure he even said hello before the interrogation – Stephen laughed and answered “yes”. That was 9 years ago.

Orla and Milka

Milka & Orla are both cancers, they share many traits. Seeing themselves in each other helps them to grow as individuals and as a partnership.

Tola and Vic

Vic & Tola are best friends and love teaching one another new things about life.

Amber & Kaya

Amber & Kaya are a complete equilibrium together. They know they’re in love because they eat so much. They couldn’t navigate this earth without each other.

3 January 2020