25 January 2024


Creative director and stylist Izzy Moriarty Thompson brings us a symphony of sparks for her fiery editorial.

Orla wears top by MARC JACOBS, tights by NODRESS and shoes by FIDAN ZOVRUZOVA.

Ariana wears top and trousers by KNWLS, HELIKON XX, belt by DIESEL, earrings by IVY J STUDIOS and AMY RODRIGUEZ JEWELLERY, belt chain by MOYA and shoes by UGO PAULON.

Orla wears top by KNWLS and HARLEY WEIR, shoes by KNWLS, shorts and socks by NIKE, and earrings by AMY RODRIGUEZ JEWELLERY and SOLÈNE RIFF

Wawa wears dress by GENEVIEVE DEVINE, trousers by ADIDAS, shoes by ANCUTA SARCA, earrings by IVY J STUDIOS and and nails by CIARA LP.

Wawa wears jacket by JIL SANDER, dress by KNWLS, skirt by POSTER GIRL and shoes by ANCUTA SARCA.

  • Creative Director, Stylist and Casting Director Izzy Moriarty Thompson
  • Photographers Ulas, Merve and Joe Auborn
  • Set Design Solène Riff
  • Videographer and Film Stills Joe Auborn
  • Producer Kavita Babbar
  • Makeup Georgia Hope
  • Hair Stylist Lauren Bell
  • Nails Ciara Ip
  • Film Editor Izzy Moriarty Thompson
  • Styling Assistant Christine Skowron
  • Set Assistant Aneta Šebestová
  • Models Wawa with Nevs, Ariana with Named Models and Ola with Anti Agency

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