11 October 2022

A tell-all on the rise and decline of Glossier is coming soon

The deep-dive into Emily Weiss' revolutionary beauty brand is set to arrive in 2023.

Defining beauty brand, Glossier, is soon to receive investigative treatment via Maris Meltzer of the New York Times, who will be chronicling the highs and lows of Emily Weiss’ brainchild. The book, titled, Glossy: Ambition, Beauty and the Inside Story of Emily Weiss’s Glossier, will explore the Glossier’s journey from its 2014 industry boom to the mass criticism it has received in recent years.

Meltzer, who previously wrote for the likes of The New York Times Style section, explores the billion-dollar makeup brand through interviews with employees, investors, and former CEO Weiss herself. Before Weiss stepped sideways and took on the role of Executive Chairwoman, she curated the brand with the tagline, “skin first, make up second” — a sentiment that culminated in the birth of the “clean-girl” aesthetic as we know it today.

The brand went on to face criticism regarding its pink bubble wrap packaging, which was deemed unsustainable, and more seriously, was accused of creating a racist and toxic work environment. In 2022, they laid off a third of employees, shut their stores, and moved to a disruptive method of employing Olivia Rodrigo as their first celebrity partner, thus wholly stepping away from their traditional methods of success.

So, beauty lovers sit tight and wait for the summer of 2023 to get your mitts on a copy.

  • Writer Ella Chadwick

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