4 July 2022

Abortion is STILL in criminal law in England, Scotland & Wales — here’s how to take action

You need permission from two doctors to have an abortion, though this isn’t often explained to women.

In the wake of Roe V. Wade being overturned in the US, countries across the globe have been taking a greater look at abortion rights within their respective governments. Now, the Women’s Equality Party UK has issued a call out for women to take action to protect their reproductive rights.

While abortion was made legal within the UK via the 1967 abortion act, which allowed the procedure in England, Wales and Scotland for up to 28 weeks, this is only legal if two doctors agree that continuing the pregnancy would be a risk to the woman’s mental or physical health. This law, which now allows terminations up to 24 weeks, has never been repealed, which means that anyone who attempts an abortion without adequate mental supervision or has an unregulated procedure, can be prosecuted — as can anyone helping them. Most women in the UK are unaware of this archaic ruling because it isn’t typically explained to those seeking terminations. 

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AS the WEP explain, the maximum sentence for terminating a pregnancy without permission is life in prison. They are hence demanding that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and SNP First Minister Nicola Sturgeon fully decriminalise abortion to “ensure that women are in control of decisions about their own bodies.” 

They are encouraging people to join their mass call to Johnson and Sturgeon to push for this fundamental right on Wednesday 6th July and 1 pm. If you’d like to take part, simply use the number and script provided here to pressure our leaders to fully decriminalise abortion in England, Scotland and Wales. 

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