25 October 2021

AGL Celebrates The Power Of Sisterhood

With their Autumn / Winter collection, the Italian footwear brand puts the familial bond between its creators Sara, Vera and Mari Giusti to the forefront.

For Autumn/ Winter 2021 – 2022, AGL has presented an innovative collection celebrating the power of sisterhood, a product of the teamwork of the Giusti sisters who, with imagination, enthusiasm and energy, have designed and personally helped realise each piece of the collection, studying new concepts of shape volumes, new seam processes and especially the very creative new extra volume, super light sole designs – all distinguished by the sisters’ faces printed on the tread.

In each six-hand-designed collection, Sara, Vera and Mari insert their unique style, perspective and personality in an offering which ranges from the distinctly feminine, as in the slouchy deerskin tube boots with leaf-shaped toe and thin heel; to other instances of androgyny, as in the black patent leather derby shoe with cotton laces. Additionally, there are moments flourishing with an extravagant touch, as in the leather, platform-soled combat boots. 

AGL’s unique quality is their ability to combine the tradition of Made in Italy craftsmanship – taught to the sisters by their grandfather Piero, the company founder – with contemporary creativity. This is achieved by supporting local companies and producing everything in-house with Italian materials and clean energy, thanks to their use of solar panels. The sisters proudly design and manufacture shoes by women for women, as the company team is 65 percent female. 

AGL’s all-female team and the creative concept of Sara, Vera and Mari, has produced a video directed by Fiona Jane Burgess, representing through dance the deep bond that unites the sisters and women around the world. In the stunning location of London’s Tate Modern art gallery, actress/dancer Nikkita Chadha and two other dancers interpret with natural intensity the welcoming and extraordinary relationships that bind women in support of one another. The music in the video is composed by singer-songwriter Lapsely and features lyrics inspired by all the sisters, a gift for all women around the world.

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