18 April 2023

AI has released a “lost” Oasis album of the band in their heyday

‘AIsis’ has resurrected Oasis to imagine what their albums would look like if they hadn’t gone their separate ways.

A new album has emerged imagining the songs of Oasis had they stayed together after their official split in 2009. Described as the “lost” Oasis album, data of Oasis in their heyday between their third album Be Here Now in 1997 and their fourth album Standing on the Shoulder of Giants in 2000 was uploaded to an AI generator. The recreation is titled The Lost Tapes Volume One and is a 33-minute load of eight tunes from the band AIsis (clever).

It is insanely similar to prime Oasis songwriting, and the Mancunian parlance of ‘Liam Gallagher’ makes the rendition spot on. With songs like ‘Alive and Forever’, the tracks have utilised AI technology by overlapping its voice recognition onto an already-written concept album. Hastings indie band Breezer created original music during the lockdown of 2021 and inputted the Oasis frontman’s iconic voice to lay over the top of their own vocals. It resulted in a bunch of brand-new anthems with Liam’s voice that still remain true to their real use of instruments and songwriting. 

Capturing the 90s spirit, it has led many Britpop fans to be swayed by the power of AI. Waiting for the band to re-form is arduous for the most patient of Oasis fans, and this way we have all the glory and none of the backstage brotherly politics and storming off stage. The overwhelmingly positive reviews underneath their Youtube debut have grown men feeling like they are kids again, dousing fans with a hit of nostalgia and alternate reality. 

Even though the band has bottled up the larger-than-life personality of Liam Gallagher and computer-coded his voice, the songs themselves are genuine. So as AI develops and brings back things we never thought we would have again in pop culture, it is mainly human-controlled, and creativity is reigning free. Still, it has just managed to resurrect Oasis once and for all – quite the ‘Supersonic’ feat we must admit. 

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