Ain’t It So

A collaborative editorial between photographer Mikael Johansson and model Jason Ellis.

I met Jason for the first time years ago in a basement studio. I can see his face in annoyance for what I’m about to write but he has a warmth about him and a good heart (if only he ever learns to follow it). 

It’s easy to forget just how much our environment shapes us and taking people from certain backgrounds and throwing them into the fashion arena with its misrepresentations is as much of a surreal culture clash as it is a golden ticket to a decadent train ride. Jason got to experience this first-person, all these cultural changes as a model, being sent around the world earning more money in a day than most ever get to see on their paycheque at the end of each month.

It’s easy to blame the mistakes on the individual but I feel like there’s also a collective responsibility here. I’d like to think we can make mistakes and learn from them, I hope this will be one of those stories.

– Mikael Johansson

7 July 2020