AJ Mitchell’s Isolation Playlist

The rising pop star selects the top tracks that he's enjoying in isolation.

At this point in lockdown, you’ve probably discovered your new favourite films and perfectly mastered your Banana bread recipe (add chocolate chips, duh!) But how many records have you been listening to?

The music industry is facing a strange time where many albums are being pushed back, festivals and gigs are being cancelled and the hard work of many young musicians is hanging over their heads with no set release date. You just have to take a quick look on social media to see uproar about the likes of Lady Gaga, Haim and Alicia Keys delaying their new material. (Where is Chromatica?!)

Despite the uncertainty in the industry, rising pop icon AJ Mitchell is on-hand to give you an insight into what sounds he’s been soaking up during lockdown, and to give you some inspiration for what you should be adding to your own lockdown playlists.

1 May 2020