All the thirstiest reactions to Adam Driver becoming a sexy centaur

The actor’s appearance in the new Burberry ad has got everyone hot and bothered.

After probably appearing in a few of your NSFW dreams, Adam Driver has once again blessed our screens as a centaur in Burberry’s latest campaign, sending the internet into a lustful frenzy. 

The British luxury fashion house shared new imagery for the Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum today. Driver is seen posted next to a horse and gazing sensually into the camera in the photos captured by Mario Sorrenti. Surprisingly, the star looks even more intimidating than the horse itself, as he bares his chiselled physique and puts the animal to shame.

According to a press release, “Driver’s energy exudes tender soulfulness, expressed by the presence of the horse, which in turn, is a creature that represents strength.”

Much like the campaign from last year, the internet couldn’t contain itself over Driver’s seductive performance, with plenty of users expressing their adoration for the actor. “In conclusion, most men are just jealous because they’re not Adam Driver and never will be,” tweeted one lovestruck Twitter user. “How am I meant to function like a normal human being after this?” wrote another.

The Marriage Story star previously spoke on the popularity of his Burberry ad in an interview with Vogue. The actor claimed that starring in a viral ad was “something that I never aspired to do.” He also explained he didn’t “approach it any differently than a regular film role, even though it was a commercial.”

Scroll below to see the internet’s best reactions to Drivers’ dreamy centaur get up.

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