Amal Fashanu begins her musical journey with upcoming first single ‘Detty December’

“I’ve been waiting a long, long time to finally be myself and this is the moment where I’m just excited that people get to finally unapologetically see who I am.”

Broadcaster, journalist, fashion designer and philanthropist, Amal Fashanu has decided to take her next creative leap into the world of music. Her first ever single ‘Dutty December’ will be released tomorrow (1st June) in preparation for her four-track EP dropping later this year, titled New Beginnings.

It’s never easy releasing music into the world for the first time. No matter how confident and talented you may be, it’s never guaranteed that people will take to you. As a public figure, it’s arguably even more of a risk. There are thousands of eyes on you witnessing your ‘practice’ songs that would usually be unheard of until the training wheels are off. However, Fashanu doesn’t seem too concerned about public opinions and is using music as a form to finally express herself the way she wants.

Fashanu’s first single tells the story of a broken hearted girl reclaiming her power after her man indulges in his Detty December, then tries to crawl back. Inspired by the likes of Sade and Alicia Keys, Fashanu manages to blend the soundscapes of afrobeats, reggaeton and R&B to create summer ready anthems. The artist has embraced her cultural heritage, combining French and Spanish poetic and captivating lyricism. 

Here, HUNGER caught up with the multi talented star to discuss her uncharted foray into the music industry.

Has music always been something you knew you wanted to do?

Yes! I’ve always performed as a hobby but now I really want to take it to the next level. 

What kind of music did you listen to growing up and what influences you?

This is a hard question as I grew up between London & Madrid and so have been influenced by a super eclectic range of sounds & genres. Growing up in London until the age of 10 meant I would listen to my parent’s classics or pop. When I moved to Madrid I started to listen to artists like Shakira & Alejando Sanz along with Flamenco, Reggaeton and R&B. I would say some of my favourite artists are Sade, Tracey Chapman, Lauryn Hill and Aaliyah. 

Are you nervous at all about releasing this music into the world?

I think more than nervous, I’m excited! I’ve been waiting a long, long time to finally be myself and this is the moment where I’m just excited that people get to finally unapologetically see who I am. 

If you could describe your music in 3 words what would it be?

I would say love, light & vibes!

If you could collaborate with any artist past or present who would it be?

I would love to do a collaboration with female artists such as Sade or Snoh Alegra and male artists such as Sam Smith and Omah Lay.

How do you want to be seen as an artist?

I want to be seen as a credible musician and empowering female artist who is actually creating a movement! 

If you could pick one album to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It would probably be In My Own Words by Neo.

What are the main themes running through your EP?

The main themes are love and female empowerment and the times that we are living in.

What made you go with the title Detty December?

Detty December comes from an experience that happened to me in December with someone in Ghana. I now know firsthand that there is a reason why they say ‘Detty December’! It is such a time for so much enjoyment that we almost forget to continue our relationships and I was left heartbroken. 

 What is your creative process like?

My creative process is very honest and I love to tell stories. I draw inspiration from my personal life experiences and those of people close to me. I feel like if I can relate to them, then that can translate to my fans and my audience the best, so I enjoy that.

What are your plans for the future after the EP is released?

I just want to continue creating music and collaborating, start performing live and eventually release my debut album.

  • Writer Chris Saunders

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