14 April 2023

An American ‘Peep Show’ is being made with Minnie Driver

The British classic is getting a female-led American makeover with Minnie Driver and Amandla Jahava as leads.

Minnie Driver is set to star in an American remake of one of Britain’s classic TV Shows Peep Show. Driver will take one of the leads in the comedy set to pilot on the FX network inspired by the Channel 4 show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb who played Mark and Jez.

In this updated version across the pond, Driver will be joined by stage actor Amandla Jahava as the two take on an assistant and tech entrepreneur role. Jahava has recently appeared in a recurring role in Rap Sh*t for HBO Max and Driver on the FX channel in The Riches with Eddie Izzard. 

The pilot episode has been written and produced by What We Do In The Shadows executive producer Stefani Robinson, and directed by Yana Gorskaya who also worked on the show. This show will see the UK-made plot shift from a flat share comedy to one in the workplace, as the male-led storyline will be female-led. 

America has previously interpreted UK TV shows like This Country, The Inbetweeners, and Skins – yet they never really took off.  However, US interpretations like the successful version of The Office can provide some hope for this version of Peep Show. Furthermore, executive producers on the remake will include the original show creators of Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, as well as Hannah Mackay and Ben Farrell from British production company Objective Fiction. 

The official angle of the new show says that it will be “Taking inspiration from the original UK series ‘Peep Show’ and its unique narrative format, the pilot follows the relationship between a long-suffering assistant (Jahava) and her boss (Driver), an emotionally unstable tech entrepreneur.”

With Peep Show airing from 2003-2015 on Channel 4 in the UK for nine seasons, perhaps it’s time we get an updated version. Hopefully, we will still get an insight into the inner thoughts of our protagonists, as well as some slightly off-the-cuff jokes and obscure mundanities about everyday life. That was the charm of it, after all. 

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