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Anomaly of Mind

Federico Fossati teaches us to construct, build and assemble realities in this new editorial.

During isolation, you’re probably paying more attention to your surroundings than ever before. Those books that have sat dusty on your shelf for the past few years, the intricate design of a vase that has been empty since you bought it… a stack of chairs that have gone unused.

A nod towards the mundane, inanimate objects that surround us and how they can bring life to new work, photographer Federico Fossati’s latest editorial sees him working with set design and customised backdrops to create a series of images that portray a glimpse of the relationship that our subjects have with the surrounding material environment. From apple boxes to power leads, this series explores the photographs ability to construct, build and assemble realities reflecting our approach to the construction of an artificial materialistic world.

1 April 2020