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Ashnikko links up with Grimes for “Cry”

Ever been betrayed? This one's for you.

Today (18 June) Internet ingenue Ashnikko has released”Cry” – a send-off to fuckboys and fake friends featuring Grimes. Alongside the track, she’s also dropped a photoreal, anime-inspired video which sees the duo move through time and space.

The Estonia-raised rapper, who currently sits at one million TikTok followers, channels metal icons like Evanescence as she growls “Bitch are you trying to make me cry/ are you trying to make me lose it” over clanging guitars. Grimes hops on for an ethereal verse laden with religious imagery, whispering; “This is the winter of my discontent/ It’ll be fine if you just repent.”

Speaking of the collab, Ashnikko expressed her admiration of Grimes and revealed the inspiration behind the song’s emotionally-charged lyrics. “I have wanted to work with Grimes for 100 million years and now it’s happening…a dream,” she said, before adding; “She is singing with me on an angry ass song about my ex-best friend sleeping with my boyfriend…sublime!” Grimes also chimed in to say; “Ashnikko rules and the song is great!”

Check out the video below. You can also read our Listen Up! Issue interview with Ashnikko, where she talks through her journey from angsty teen to “working bitch”, here

18 June 2020