12 January 2022

Aubrey Plaza joins the cast of The White Lotus for season 2

Parks and Recreation alum, Aubrey Plaza, is officially joining the cast of season two of The White Lotus...

The hit HBO dark comedy drama — written and directed by Mark White — tracks a group of vacationers at a resort in Hawaii. The second season, however, will be taking place in a different location, with a new all-star cast, per The Hollywood Reporter

Plaza will be taking on the role of Harper Spiller. As of now, we know that the character is a woman who is holidaying with her husband and his friends. 

The only first season cast member that is tipped to return is Jennifer Coolidge, who starred as the mercurial and wealthy Tanya McQuoid. She may well end up in Italy — which is rumoured to be the setting for the hotly-anticipated follow up. 

Plaza, who recently was seen in Black Bear and Happiest Season, will be joining The Sopranos’ Michael Imperioli, who, according to the publication, will play Dominic Di Grasso: a character who is “travelling with his elderly father and recent college-graduate son.”

Both actors will be series regulars in the forthcoming season.

Last season, The White Lotus featured an A-list cast, including the likes of Coolidge, Connie Britton, Jake Lacy, and Alexandra Daddrio. Production was shot in the midst of Covid-19 related quarantine after showrunners got hold of a luxury hotel during the early days of the pandemic, in August of 2020. 

A premiere date for The White Lotus series 2 has not yet been released. 

  • Writer Nessa Humayun
  • Banner Credit Mario Perez/HBO

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